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The mobile live escape game!

from 990€

per event plus VAT

Is there anything more exciting than working against the clock with friends and colleagues to break out of a locked room? Probably not, but here’s the catch: conventional escape-room games can only be played in a fixed location.

Our Escape Boxes have a key feature that takes the genre to a new level: due to their lean dimensions (boxes are there to be moved, after all), they are not fixed to one location but rather can be set up at a location of your choosing.

3-8 per box

1 - 1,5 Std.


indoor and outdoor

German and English

per event


Our Escape Boxes make the perfect complements to our iPad Rally, the iChallenge, but naturally can also be used separately – both indoors as well as outdoors. They provide you the perfect means to create a very special kind of team event.

There are four different Escape Boxes in all, each with its own theme: a pirate treasure, the secrets of a brilliant alchemist, a missing tropical scientist and a famous private detective are just waiting to be brought to life. The various teams in cooperation mode must either help each other out, or they have to try to break open the boxes faster than their opponent teams.

Yet there’s one thing you and your team should never forget, and that’s to stay alert. Because who knows whether, along with groundbreaking discoveries, there might also be terrible curses or treacherous traps lurking in the boxes? Find out for yourself!

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Take advantage of our extensive experience planning team events. Here are just a few of the reasons why you can feel right at ease when you book a GEO°BOUND event:


As professionals in the field of team events, we effortlessly combine fun and movement with team spirit and motivation.


You can always reach us, and we’re always open to your ideas and requests.


Last-minute changes are also possible as long as the quality is right.


Everything we do, we do with passion and creativity.


In addition to German and English we also offer our team events in a number of other languages.


Thanks to our extensive network, we can stage our events almost anywhere – indoors or outdoors.


You can expect absolute quality, from the initial consultation to the implementation and follow-up.


Working with well-known companies around the world, we have been organising events in Germany and abroad since 2008.


Our experience and our tried-and-tested events have even been awarded the ADAC Tourism Prize.

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